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The Wonder Of Tea is passionate about tea. We love a good brew. Based in the English Country side we grow organic tea by hand ensuring the authentic taste from our tea.

Our journey started 12 years ago when our founders where not satisfied with the taste of there tea. This lead to journey that has been truly exciting and satisfying. Our tea estate is certified, we work with an ethos of everything that we put into estate is natural and our specialised tea farmers work hard to this ensure this standard is kept at all times.

Security is key to ensuring standards are met. We worked with a company called Lesar who helped provide a number of different services that helped ensure we are safe at all times. We have a system where we are required to sign in to enter the farm. This allows us to use the visitor management software to also send messages to anyone entering on any given day. Everyone has a Paxton access card that when they scan signs them in this means we can actually set the system to send individual messages to anyone at any point.

Ensuring we can quickly communicate with any of our workers about organic health best practices and standards. To ensure none of it can be duplicated we have made all our products bespoke including the id lanyards we received from Lesar which was a fantastic service. Lanyards are a vital accessory to your access control system. Many people get confused as to what a lanyard is. Many describe them as a neck strap that is good for holding children toys or carrying a mobile phone. Now a lanyard can be used in this way but it is more important that they can be used for carrying important identification cards that can often get lost easily. Having a personalised lanyard adds further security to your system and also increases the image of your business. Other options are simply plain black lanyards that would be appropriate for most business that did not have the budget to go the extra mile for that truly great experience of a personalised lanyard. You can see what type of personalisation can be done by visiting the following page  – http://www.lesar.co.uk/personalised-lanyard

For information on any of our services or suggestions please contact us via the contact page.